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Baraka Bolga Baskets

Baby Basket

Bread Basket

Heavy Duty Basket

Lady's Purse with Flap

Mini U-Shopper Basket

Oval Basket

Oval Tray

Produce Bag/Fabric Bag

Round Basket

Special Round/Pot Basket

Trays (Set of 3)

U-Shopper Basket

V-Shape Basket

Bolga Baskets

In small communities, far away from the fashions and retail outlets that so many of us take for granted, people have learned over hundreds of years to be resourceful and creative. And you would be hard-pushed to find a more striking and valued example than the Bolga Basket. Designed to work hard and still look beautiful, these baskets are like all the very best inventions - simple yet incredibly effective, both as convenience tools and objects to admire in their own right.

Traditional and Handmade

For many generations, women in northern Ghana have been using traditional weaving methods and completely natural materials to create these robust and highly decorative baskets. And now, with Baraka's help and the craftwork of community-based women's groups around Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana, you too can own one!

Made to be used

Baraka's Bolga Baskets are made to be used, enjoyed and treasured. We have a large assortment of sizes, shapes and styles to choose from.

About Baraka

We are a small business located on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Baraka's Mission

Our mission is to bring unique and high quality products to the global market in a fair, equitable and environmentally sustainable manner. By achieving this, we will create value for the entire supply chain, from the original producers through to the end users.

Baraka Supplies was originally the idea of husband and wife team, Wayne Dunn and Gifty Serbeh-Dunn (one Canadian/Irish, one Ghanaian/Canadian). At its heart are people and partners who share a passion for helping local women generate income to develop their own communities.

Buying from Baraka Supplies means your money supports real community development. But it also connects you directly with the producers, their families and villages. You are helping to create sustainable employment, and give Ghanaian communities a true place in the global world of equitable commercial activity.

Just as our word ‘Baraka’ crosses cultures and continents (see Our Name), so do our ideals. And supporting these ideals is easy. In the future our communities will be able to welcome you as guests and friends, proud to share with you their achievements. For now, we are happy to share with you our products and our projects and we welcome any ideas for developing our mission further.

Baraka's Principles

While our goals must be ambitious, we recognize that we will on occasion fall short of our aims. We strive for progress, not perfection, and welcome input from all stakeholders that can help us achieve more and do better.

Therefore, we are dedicated to working in accordance with the following Principles:

Millenium Development Goals

We fully support the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations and will actively seek to further them through our procurement practices, through the development that we facilitate and through ongoing public communication and education about this development.

Community Development and Social Value Creation

We believe that local communities and stakeholders deserve to benefit from business activities in their areas. To this end, we will seek innovative and sustainable ways to support the ongoing sustainable social and economic development of communities where our products are produced.

Environmental Stewardship

The Earth’s ecosystem is the ultimate source of wealth and value creation. Conventional approaches to business and growth have steadily threatened that ecosystem. However, more careful approaches can protect, and even enhance, that ecosystem. This must include meeting or exceeding international environmental standards. It can include the imaginative use of alternatives to protect scarce or threatened resources and husband our planet’s natural capital.

Financial Sustainability

We recognize that without adequate financial returns we will not be able to achieve any of the above objectives. Baraka Supplies will be operated and managed to provide strong financial returns. We believe that working in accordance with the above principles will support our financial goals and enable us to support the families and communities that produce our products and earn enough to support our own family and home in Canada.

Baraka's Name

Baraka means thank you in Wali, a Ghanaian language with approx. 140,000 speakers in north-western Ghana. However, the word Baraka also belongs to other languages and cultures, bridging divides that exist in our world today. Other uses and meanings include:

  • baraka, also berakhah, in Judaism, a blessing usually recited during a ceremony
  • baraka, also barakah, in Arabic, Islam and Arab-influenced languages such as Swahili, Urdu, Persian, Turkish, meaning spiritual wisdom and blessing transmitted from God; or in a Sufi context, breath of life
  • Baraka Bashad, meaning blessings be, originally a Sufi expression and also used in Eckankar
  • Baraka, means Blessing, a spiritual power believed to be possessed by certain persons, objects, tombs, in Arabic, Swahili, Urdu, Persian and Turkish
  • Baraka, a rarely used French slang term for luck, derived from the Arabic word

Buying from Baraka means your money supports real community development. It also connects you directly with the producers, their families and villages. You are helping to create sustainable employment, and reduce poverty.