Product Lines

Herbal Foaming Hand Soaps

Mint Lavender Foaming
Herbal Hand Soap (10.7 oz.)

Lemon Rosemary Foaming
Herbal Hand Soap (10.7 oz.)

Orange Spice Foaming
Herbal Hand Soap (10.7 oz.)

Grapefruit Thyme Foaming
Herbal Hand Soap (10.7 oz.)

Unscented Foaming
Herbal Hand Soap (10.7 oz.)

Moon Melt Lotion Bars

Original Lemon Vanllia
Moon Melt Lotion Bar (1.9 oz.)

Moon Melt Lotion Bar (1.9 oz.)

Coconut Lemon
Moon Melt Lotion Bar (1.9 oz.)

Bergamot Geranium
Moon Melt Lotion Bar (1.9 oz.)

Herbal Lip Balms

10% of Herbal Lip Balm profits will be donated to organizations that are dedicated to protecting bees and other important pollinators!

Herbal Lip Balm (.15oz.)

Herbal Lip Balm (.15oz.)

Coconut Lime
Herbal Lip Balm (.15oz.)

Mint Vanilla
Herbal Lip Balm (.15oz.)

Medicinal Salves and Balms

Rejuvenating Rub (1.7 oz.)

EczaCalm (1.7 oz.)

PsoriaSoothe (1.7 oz.)

Herbal Heal (1.7 oz.)

Baby Bum Balm (1.7 oz.)

Peppermint Foot Rub (1.7 oz.)

About Moon Valley

Moon Valley Organics from farmrun on Vimeo.

Who we are...

In 1998 Moon Valley was Conceived out of a passion to live ethically and sustainably. Today that enthusiasm carries forth from our certified organic, biodynamic farm and embraces traditional knowledge from our family of artisan farmers, herbalists and beekeepers. Each element coming together to create amazing products made from the best things on Earth!

Our design, research, production, and sales teams are an assembly of strong local community organizers, artists, parents, entrepreneurs, activists, engineers, doctors, herbalists, and farmers dedicated to living in and creating a more sustainable, wholesome world.

Our products are developed with the intention to nourish and heal your body, mind, and spirit, as well as to care for the Earth. Kim Denend and Aaron Otto, creators of Moon Valley Organics, share their combined experiences in farming, healing, creativity/artistry, and activism to nurture a thriving business. Their quest for wholeness and well-being led them to develop their unique healing body care products. They recently collaborated with Dr. Daniel Newman, MD, ND, and DOM, and other licensed herbalists to formulate their newest medicinal salves. Daniel brings over 20 years of experience with internal medicine and pain management. He contributes his knowledge to formulating these unique blends of medicinal salves, which combine our favorite western herbs with traditional Chinese medicinals. The bulk of our ingredients are grown and processed in the Cascadia Bioregion, or meet high standards of integrity, quality and sustainability.

What We Do...


We grow our 100% USDA certified organic, sustainably farmed herbs using biodynamic and permacultural practices. They are carefully dried, processed and packaged on site. What we can’t grow we source from local organic farms and suppliers who support fair trade and (RAN) Rainforest Action Network.


We believe in the power of nature! Our resident Moon Valley alchemists are a Naturopathic doctor (ND), Internal Medicine doctor (MD), Oriental Medicine practitioner (MSOM), and skilled herbalists who lovingly and expertly concoct holistically sophisticated herbal formulas.


After devoting ourselves to creating the purest products possible in the purest way possible, we commit to packaging them in materials that will do the least harm. All of our packaging is BPA-free, 100% recyclable and made from the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled material available.

Where We're Going...

Moon Valley is growing to include national distribution while maintaining our local connections. Through our web presence and natural distributors, we hope to share the fruits of our local efforts with our larger community. We serve as a resource and clearinghouse for alternative options to the predominant, unsustainable business and lifestyle choices. We offer you a choice for a brighter future. The choice is made by each and every one of us to do our part in creating a livable, abundant future for our children and the Earth. We act as agents for social change through each decision we make and action we take.

Our Principles

Use only sustainable, organic ingredients

Use packaging that does the least harm; recycled, renewable, recyclable

Select botanical varieties that hold the highest medicinal quality

Use traditional formulas

Made from nature