Product Lines

Display Kit

Refill Items

Writing Products

10 Pack Gel Pens
Blue Ink
(Recycled Plastic)

3 Pack Ballpoint Pens
Black Ink
(Recycled Milk Carton)

3 Pack Ballpoint Pens
Black Ink
(Corn Plastic)

3 Pack Ballpoint Pens
Blue Ink
(Recycled Pet)

2 Pack Ballpoint Pens
Blue Ink

4 Pack Highlighters
(Recycled Water Bottles)

2 Pack Bamboo 0.5mm
Mechanical Pencils

7 Pack 0.7mm Mechanical
Pencils (Recycled Plastic)

Pen/Mechanical Pencil Set
Bamboo (Black/0.7mm)

Stylus Pen 4 in 1
(Lazer, LED, Stylus, Pen)
Recycled Aluminum, Black

2pk Erasable Gel Pen
(0.7mm, Black)
Recycled Plastic

10pk Pencils with
White Eraser (HB #2)
Recycled Newspapers

3pk Mechanical Pencils
(0.7mm with 3 Spare Leads)
Recycled PET

4pk Gel Highlighters
Recycled Plastic

2pk Permanent Markers
(5mm, Bullet Tip, Black)
Recycled Plastic


3 Pack Erasers (Recycled Rubber)


2 Hole Metal Sharpener

Double Sharpener (Metal)
Recycled PET

Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands (2oz. Assorted Sizes)
Natural Rubber


8-Digit Calculator (Dual Power)
Recycled Plastic

8-Digit Calculator (Dual Power)
Recycled Plastic


Mini Stapler with 1000 Staples


5" Scissors w/Rounded Tip
(Corn Plastic Handles)

6.75" Scissors w/Pointed Tip
(Corn Plastic Handles)


12"/30cm Bamboo Ruler

Notes and Adhesive Strips

150 Sticky Notes - 3"x3"
(Recycled Paper)

125 Self Adhesive Strips
Neon (Recycled Pet)

150pk Self Adhesive Notes (Clear, 3" x 3")
Recycled PET

Index Cards

50pk Index Cards (4" x 6", Ruled)
Bamboo Paper

Presentation Folders

2-Pocket Presentation Folder
(Assorted Colors) Oxo-Biodegradable

3-Prong Presentation Folder
(Assorted Colors) Oxo-Biodegradable

Sheet Protectors

10pk Sheet Protectors (8.5" x 11")


5pk Dividers with Tabs - Oxo-Biodegradable


1" Binder (3 Ring with Boosters
and Elastic Closure)

Binder Combo Pack (150 Notes,
125 Arrow Strips) Recycled Paper and PET


4"x6" Notebook (Bamboo Paper)

3"x5" Notebook (Bamboo Paper)

6"x9" Notebook w/Elastic
Closure (Stone Paper)

3"x5" Notebook (Stone Paper)

Hardcover Notebook (6" x 8.25"
Elastic Closure, 81 Ruled Sheets)
Stone Paper

5.75" x 8.5" Notebook
(60 ruled sheets) - Bamboo Paper

Computer Accessories

Wireless Mouse (Bamboo)


Fold-Up Lunch Bag (Insulated)
Ramie Leaf/Jute Plant Blend

Messenger Bag - Jute/Cotton Blend

Messenger Bag
(Ramie Leaf/Jute Plant Blend)

Back Pack (Jute/Cotton Blend)

Back Pack (Ramie Leaf/Jute Plant Blend)

Pencil Cases

Pencil Pouch with Gusset
(Ramie Leaf/Jute Plant Blend)

Binder Pouch - 100% Jute

2-Zip Pencil Pouch (100% Jute)

Binder Pencil Pouch (100% Jute)

About Onyx + Green

Dear World,

Welcome to the website of Onyx and Blue Corporation and thank you for taking the time to read this short letter from me.

The people responsible for putting together this website have been asking me for months now to write a few words about the company - I have been delaying writing this for as long as I could but finally I ran out of excuses. For a while, I considered firing the people who have been pestering me, but this would have been petty - and my therapist told me I need to work on that. I suppose that it is smarter to keep dedicated intelligent people working on our team - so here it is - my business philosophy and mission statement for Onyx and Blue.

  1. Create beautiful products - sell them at reasonable prices - repeat this process each year.
  2. Have FUN! Let the FUN show in the designs and in the atmosphere and in everything you do in business and in life.
  3. Do what you say you will do and be consistent and honest.
  4. Be as fair to your suppliers as you are to your customers.
  5. Take educated risks -don't be afraid to jump off that diving board.
  6. Know your business and go with your gut.
  7. Enjoy Mexican food (just checking to see if you are paying attention).

I have learned that what goes around comes around - please send a copy of this letter to 25 of your friends - wait for one month and possibly YOU will end up with a shipment of 10 million lead pencils with pink erasers arriving at your doorstep - or maybe you won't.

Hey World - Thanks for listening !!!!!

Daniel Fonfeder
President Onyx and Blue Corporation