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Artisan Chocolate Bars

Chocolate 70% (40g)

Chocolate Nib'd (40g)

Coconut Crisp (40g)

Kaffee Chocolate (40g)

Peppermint Nib'd (40g)

Salt of the Earth (40g)

Maple Smoked Salt
and Rosemary (40g)

Sweet Orange Nib'd (40g)


Double Chocolate Macaroons (60g)

Salted Vanilla Bean Caramel Macaroons (60g)

A Bit Of History

First thing’s first—we guarantee you that Zimt is based on pure integrity, sincerity, and a desire to do good. We think it is important to recognize this, as our customers, based on our product offerings, are clearly appreciative of these values. How can we guarantee this?

Well, we suggest looking back on the founder’s story. Emma definitely did not go into what is becoming an increasingly attractive “natural foods market” for profit. Zimt began in 2011—Emma started manufacturing chocolate out of her home kitchen for a few private events. She had her sights set on bringing her chocolate to the retail market, and had to find a commercial kitchen to work out of to do so legally.

That summer, Zimt began working out of a church kitchen—a short bike ride from Emma’s home. It was a good year—family and friends pitched in to hand pour chocolate bars, fold and stamp packaging, and get orders ready for a growing number of retailers. Emma’s Oma would faithfully come by each day she was in the kitchen and bring along some “custom sized” bar wrappers for the bars. No company made the size of bar wrappers needed for the chocolate bars, so Oma would seal and cut them herself, by hand. Hundreds of them!

Space was getting tight, so Zimt migrated to the back of a friend’s cupcake shop across town. Emma happened to move only a block away from the shop- talk about dedication! Friends and family—even those visiting from out of town would come by to help make chocolate. A convenient set up for some time, but cupcakes required a bit more space, and so Zimt migrated again.

This time, to a vegan yogurt factory in North Vancouver. A beautiful space- but freezing cold in the winters. Many space heaters were employed to keep everyone from freezing. It was during this time that “22 Hour Kitchen Days” began. Emma would pull all nighters to get all the chocolate made in time, as they only had the kitchen for one day per week!

Vegan yogurt needed more space, too, and time. So Zimt was off again—though still in North Vancouver. And that’s where we are today- making chocolate in the mountains. We have also added a number of new treats to our product lines, including our infamous Double Chocolate Macaroons, Cookie Dough Cups, and truffles—just to keep things really interesting.

Zimt is a stickler for the best quality ingredients—raw, certified organic, vegan, and ethically traded—and has been from the beginning. We only use the best ingredients, though, because we only want to support the best—we want to support an industry that takes your health, the environment, and animals’ happiness seriously—this is what they deserve! Oh, and everything tastes great, too- but you’ll have to taste that for yourself.

We Use Only Organic Ingredients

Why? Because we want to only use ingredients that promote sustainably agriculture, that don’t harm the earth, and that won’t cause farmers nor their families to be exposed to chemicals that can harm their health. We’re also pretty sure that you all value avoiding ingesting chemicals, too!

We Are A Vegan Company

Zimt creates vegan products—exclusively. We want to keep our animal friends out of our products, because they deserve to live a life that they want, and not be used for what we can take from them.

We Donate 1% Of Sales To Charities

Yes! 1% of all sales goes to different charities! Who knew eating chocolate could do so much good? The charities we choose to support help protect our environment, animals, and people in need. Please view our website for a list of charities we support!

We Keep Our Cacao Raw

Just as you like it! Our cacao is fermented and dried, but not roasted. It is minimally processed to retain nutrients that are often destroyed through high heat processing.

We Use Coconut Sugar To Sweeten Our Treats

Did you know that the Food and Agriculture Organization declared coconut sugar to be the world’s most sustainable sweetener? It’s true! Palm trees (that produce coconut nectar, which is turned into coconut sugar), produce 50-75% more sugar per acre than sugar cane. They also require very little water! Plus, the result is a delicious, caramel-y, trace vitamin and mineral rich treat that goes really, really well in our chocolate.

We Value the Humans Who Grow And Process Our Ingredients

This is the main reason (for us) that we choose organic ingredients. As mentioned above, there is no way we would support farming with dangerous chemicals—doing so would hurt farmers and their families. We want to keep these chemicals far away from our earth, as well, and support farmers who choose a sustainable form of agriculture. We want them to know that this is supported and that they can feel secure in knowing that there is demand for their work. Zimt is eternally indebted to our wonderful farmers for providing us the ingredients to craft our sweets. Nice to know that such tasty treats can be so ethical too, right? We hope you continue to enjoy our delicious treats because we really enjoy bringing them to you!