Baraka Bolga Baskets are hand made by community-based women’s groups in northern Ghana. Using age-old traditional weaving methods and supported by modern training, quality control and microcredit facilities, the women gather together in groups to make baskets to earn extra income to support their children and families. 


Traditional & Certified Fair-Trade! They designed to work hard & look beautiful. Simple, yet incredibly effective, both as convenience tools and objects to admire in their own right. There are a large assortment of sizes, shapes & styles to choose from.


Baraka also produces 100% organic, unrefined, raw shea butter. The butter is hand-made by women and families using traditional methods passed down through generations, No chemicals, no additives! Pure Certified Fare Trade Shea Butter!

Click Here for more info about the production technique and uses of Shea butter!

Or visit Baraka’s Recipe Blog to find out how you can use their Shea butter.

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