Celebrating Earth Week: Element Botanicals

in Apr 21, 2023

Smell good without damaging your skin or the planet! 

Element Botanical's deodorants are hand made with effective ingredients + wild harvested botanicals in British Columbia. Best of all, each deodorant is made with 100% compostable packaging. 

After years of development, Element Botanicals were so excited to continue to evolve with more conscientious packaging in 2021, especially when it's this cute!
Haven't tried their deodorant yet? Well then, this is the travel size is perfect to convert with.
With so many choices on the market for deodorants sometimes it can be hard to choose the what is best for you. Whether you are more concerned about the price, the ingredients or the environmental impact your choices make, Element Botanicals scores top marks in all categories.

Choosing Canadian-made products dramatically reduces the resources needed to produce and ship the products you need to your local grocery, pharmacy or general store. Plus, by choosing Canadian-made products you know that the ingredients used are of the highest quality and the people making them are payed fairly in some of the best working conditions in the world! 
Element Botanicals doesn't just produce some of the best deodorant, they also have a full range of Men's skincare products, like Bread Oils, Moustache Wax and Facial Tonic. Try some of Element's bestselling Amazing Cream: loaded with botanically infused olive and carrot tissue oil blend which can help to improve the skins barrier function, increase cellular and collagen renewal while providing intense nourishment.