How xylitol + hydroxyapatite work together as a remineralizing dream team

in Aug 8, 2023

Unlike many conventional toothpastes on the market, Davids Natural Toothpaste is full of intentional ingredients. While each one plays an individual role in nurturing your oral health, they all complement each other in the process.

Today, we’re diving into the (very healthy) relationship between xylitol and hydroxyapatite. Both of these incredible ingredients work to reduce the bad bacteria in your mouth, neutralize your oral pH, remineralize your enamel, and prevent tooth decay....naturally!

When you use these two ingredients together (along with the other natural ingredients in Davids), you’ll notice stronger, whiter, and less sensitive teeth. We hope you have fun discovering everything there is to love about this oral care dream team.

a refresh on the benefits of xylitol

If you’d like to deep dive into the benefits of xylitol, check out our previous article, “the benefits of xylitol are sweet enough to make your mouth water.”

As a quick recap, here’s a summary of some of the amazing oral care benefits of xylitol.

  • it fights bad bacteria: xylitol (a five-carbon sugar derived from plants) is known for its ability to “starve” the bacteria in your mouth, inhibiting harmful bacteria growth. You see, bacteria typically feed on conventional sugar, digesting it and converting it into harmful acids that can lead to tooth decay. Although it’s just as sweet, xylitol is not a conventional sugar, and bacteria cannot digest it. As a result, xylitol helps to fight bad bacteria, neutralize the pH of your mouth, treat bad breath, minimize plaque, and prevent tooth decay.
  • it stimulates saliva production: like other sweeteners, xylitol stimulates saliva flow. This helps to prevent dry mouth, flush out stagnant bacteria, and further neutralize the pH of your mouth.
  • it helps remineralize your enamel: not only does xylitol reduce bacteria and prevent tooth demineralization, but research also showsit can actually help to remineralize your enamel at the same time...even in the deeper layers of damaged enamel.

Does this remineralizing behavior sound familiar? Hydroxyapatite, the star ingredient of DavidsSensitive+Whitening Toothpaste, is also known for its ability to remineralize your enamel from the inside out.

how hydroxyapatite works to remineralize your enamel

Hydroxyapatite already exists in your enamel and bones. In fact, it makes up 97% of your enamel! So when you use hydroxyapatite toothpaste, those remineralizing particles feel right at home.

The nano-hydroxyapatite particles are able to physically bind to your enamel, penetrate it, and remineralize it from the innermost part of your dental cavity. During the process, it fills holes (tubules that lead to your center nerve), scrapes, and imperfections in your enamel, fortifying it while providing tooth sensitivity relief.

Below is a real-life image of the remineralizing effects of our nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste. You can see it binds and fills imperfections in the enamel, providing tooth sensitivity relief in as little as five days.


Hydroxyapatite’s binding behavior also allows it to cling to bad bacteria in your mouth, breaking down plaque buildup that can lead to tooth decay. Sounds a lot like xylitol, right? No wonder these two incredible ingredients work so well together.

how xylitol + hydroxyapatite complement each other

As you can see, xylitol and hydroxyapatite are working towards the same goal: reduce bacteria and remineralize the enamel.

Xylitol begins by starving the bad bacteria and enhancing saliva flow. Don’t underestimate the importance of saliva flow, as it can enhance remineralization by distributing the hydroxyapatite particles to each tooth. Then, the xylitol and hydroxyapatite work together to penetrate the enamel, reach those deeper (often damaged) layers, and begin to work their remineralizing magic.

Xylitol and hydroxyapatite also work together to maintain balance in your oral and gut microbiomes. Unlike many harmful chemical ingredients found in conventional toothpaste, xylitol and hydroxyapatite actually work to nurture these delicate environments. Here’s how.

  • xylitol is an anti-inflammatory prebiotic: it helps good oral + gut bacteria to flourish (while fighting the bad bacteria). It’s also anti-inflammatory, meaning it works to reduce inflammation throughout your entire body by releasing cytokines (small proteins that control your body’s inflammatory response.)
  • hydroxyapatite is biocompatible: similar to xylitol, hydroxyapatite does not disrupt processes that take place in your oral and gut microbiomes. This is super important, as these microbiomes both play important roles in regulating your hormone health, immune system, digestive system, cognitive function, and more.

The result of using xylitol and hydroxyapatite together? Stronger (less sensitive) teeth, fresher breath, undisrupted oral and gut microbiomes, and countless reasons to smile.

find this dream team in our nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste

Our sensitive+whitening nano-hydroxyapatite toothpastecontains xylitol, nano-hydroxyapatite, and 

a bunch of other amazing ingredients derived from nature. It takes a completely new, revolutionized approach to remineralizing your enamel and promoting your oral health.

It works to reduce sensitivity, strengthen your enamel, freshen your breath, nurture your oral microbiome, whiten your teeth, and support your overall health. 

Conventional toothpastes often use chemical numbing agents and fluoride to attempt toachieve the same results as our nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste. These conventional ingredients pose numerous side effects on your oral health and your overall health.

We believe you deserve better than that.

Once you try Davids sensitive hydroxyapatite toothpaste, you won’t want to go back to anything else. You don’t have to take our word for it, our natural toothpaste speaks for itself!