Naturally Wild
Welcome to our mountainside!
Here we create botanically charged, aromatherapy spiked goods, featuring wild harvested and home grown plants, all of which have been carefully chosen for their benefits and uses in traditional herbalism.
Since 2005, we have been passionate about providing exceptional, luxe yet affordable products. nature’s apothecary offers endless bounty and we use this as the cornerstone in making all of our products. Beautiful, healthy skin is for everyone so we keep our price points honest. we offer workshops and information to empower people explore the world of botanicals by respectfully harnessing the power of nature’s elements.
Wildcrafting North Thompson 2016
Element Botanicals was born in 2005. Our founder, Amber, had been making natural products for many years, putting her training in herbalism to use. Botany, Anatomy, Wild Crafting, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy and Reiki were among her favourite subjects and this understanding of natural therapies along with a passion for creating are the foundation for Element Botanicals.
Our goal is to create excellent natural products, growing our business while remaining rooted...Making things from scratch, cultivating ingredients, distilling essential oils, striving to be as self sufficient as possible. We are in love with nature, weaving it into every aspect of our lives and products.
Workshop Vancouver Spring 2016
Amber teaches workshops on subjects ranging from wild harvested potion making, mineral makeup, perfumery, candle making, dyeing with plants and plenty more. If you would like to talk about hosting a workshop in your space, contact us! / 604 343 4041
Botanically Charged


organic olive oil: Antioxidant and squaline rich for hydrated, healthy skin.

comfrey: A natural source of allantoin, a powerful skin cell regenerator.

calendula: Reduces inflammation and sothes the skin.

plantain: Restorative, repairs damaged tissue.

chamomile: Diminishes spots and scarring, soothes the skin.

rosehip: A “multivitamin” for the skin! contains an abundance of retinoids, nature’s anti-ageing powerhouse.

First we choose the most effective ingredients for our formulas, pick wild plants when they are in season, cultivate our own and acquire the rest from ethical sources. We infuse these powerful yet gentle herbs into organic extra virgin olive oil and allow them to mingle and steep, gently extracting the active ingredients from the plants. This oil is then lovingly blended into all our skin care products along with special guest stars like carrot tissue oil, green tea, kombucha, dong quai, ginseng, gotu kola, cucumber extract, aha’s, coffee and other nutrient and vitamin rich botanicals. We are free of synthetics, cruelty free, ethically sourced, nut and gluten free and mostly vegan.